09 Oct 2019

The road less traveled

I could never imagine working at a deep tech start-up in Berlin, but Working for R3 is a new journey for me, and while it is one that I never saw myself embarking on, it is also the one that my heart is finally, truly on board for.
02 Aug 2019

Working student on a business mission to Asia

I wanted to work at a start-up because I liked the idea of seeing how a young company evolves, what challenges arise, and how they get tackled. For no reason would I have imagined being on a business mission in Singapore and Thailand a year later.
11 Dec 2018

Just physics

As much as I enjoy spending my weekdays with the nerds my colleagues, I love being out in nature with my family and kids or climbing rocks with my (other) friends...
07 Nov 2018

The love of a gamer for low-latency


  Everyone has its motivations when starting a new job. As it can be trivially understood, a computer scientist is likely to feel appealed to a wireless technology like EchoRing. And yes, for some people (even for me) this background-job match is enough to start a new job. But there was a word, a characteristic about EchoRing that triggered something […]

11 Aug 2018

Having great conversations in disturbing environments


  Wireless data transmission protocols. Oh, that… lovely… technology! I will have to apologise if that got you excited because I will drop that terminology right here. You see, I’m an odd fish at R3 since I neither am a sharp engineer nor poses any academic merits of cutting-edge research that would help make me […]

17 Jul 2018

Securing unwired automation


  With the increasing popularity of smart home devices, such as Google Home assistant or smart television, we are experiencing the transition from the Internet towards the Internet of Things (IoT) in which billions of restricted devices communicate with each other. Along with all the benefits of the IoT, a significant concern is arising (and will continue to do […]

21 Jun 2018

Said being a dev was boring?


  I believe most of the people have the same idea in mind when they think of “a developer working” (will avoid describing it). My cause though, it is a little bit particular. I am a developer at R3 Communications, a pioneering company in real-time wireless communications technology. We solve one of the most challenging […]

02 May 2018

The Value of (Good) Science vs. Engineering


  Recalling the last decade, and observing how far we got with our initial research ideas from ten years ago, I am often astonished how things have developed to the point where we are standing now – how did we get here? Of course, as a professional from academia, I am confronted on a daily […]

07 Mar 2018

For live wireless demos at a fair, bring a box of cables


  Stepping out of the daily routine is always good. Especially when you have the opportunity to showcase the fruits of the work that kept you busy for the last months and you invested a lot of your time into. Going to the Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg last week was such an event. Presenting […]

31 Jan 2018

Deep Tech and Coffee


  And here I find myself, almost three years away from the most significant professional change of my life… After spending my whole career helping other companies to navigate through stormy waters as a business consultant specializing in turnarounds, I decided to found R3 Communications with James, Christian, and Mathias in July 2015. And what […]

15 Dec 2017

What about the clichés at tech-startups?


  Beeing myself a typical economist, I am used to words like „EOB or EOD”, “Killerdeck”, “Being on the Beach”, “Staffing”, “Expert”, “Advisor” and a lot of Anglicisms. For years I have been living in a world where you know that if someone says “That is a very good idea, I will put that on the […]

03 Nov 2017

About Hybrid Profiles and Preconceived Concepts


  I have heard a lot of people saying that being a hybrid profile between two disciplines is a privilege, as one can understand both disciplines and help to build bridges between them when it is necessary (and this happens more often than I could’ve imagined). The counterpart arises when each discipline sees you as […]

24 Oct 2017

Early Summer 2015, my new beginning


  Okay. This is my first Blog Article since 2003, when I was studying abroad in the US at Rutgers and kept my family (which at those days were my parents and sister) up to date with more or less interesting texts and low-resolution pictures of my very first digital Konica. A lot of things […]

25 Sep 2017

My 1st week at R3 Communications!


It’s early on a Friday morning and it is my first day at R3 Communications. Perhaps I tried too hard? Only Jasper had already arrived at 8 am…! Before my first day, I only had vague ideas what to expect from a small company like R3 Communications. “Will my expectations of the startup be met?” […]