Echoring™ for your system will give great benefits

The above calculator is intended to provide an understanding of how many stations may be supported per EchoRing™ network for a set of given application requirements. For simplicity, it is assumed that the same application runs on all stations. Modifiable parameters in this calculator include minimum guaranteed latency per station, minimum guaranteed data rate per station, and targeted robustness in terms of packet loss rate (PLR).

The actual protocol can be parameterized to an even finer extent if required. These parameters include (minimum) payload size, inter-arrival time of payload packets, and radio-related parameters, e.g. transmission channel and channel bandwidth.

As the wireless channel has physical limitations, the above parameters affect each other, most prominently the latency and the data rate. While these parameters can be set freely for a wide range of selectable combinations, they heavily influence the resulting number of stations per network in more extreme cases. In scenarios for which the inter-arrival time of payload packets is rather relaxed in relation to the latency requirement, more stations may be supported per network. Please note that the targeted robustness level depends on external effects, e.g. antenna placement and distances among stations. Typical scenarios cover distances (diameter of the network) for reliable transmission of about 15m indoors and 50m outdoors when using commercially available WLAN chipsets.




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