29 Oct 2019

First-ever Announcement of ECHORING’s Ethernet Bridge


  1. Worldwide debut the ECHORING Ethernet Bridge
  2. Another client testimonial by Heinrich Munz at Munz Endeavors
  3. Guess what? We have another co-exhibitor at SPS!
  4. Raffle: prize and rules


Check out our first-ever demonstration of EchoRing’s Ethernet Bridge module here!

You can experience it live at the SPS in Nuremberg from November 26 to 28, 2019 at Booth 250, Hall 5.

2. Another testimonial from one of our valued clients.

After studying electronics, Heinrich Munz founded LP Elektronik GmbH together with partners in 1985. As Managing Director, he was responsible for development, sales and marketing. LP Elektronik mainly dealt with the connection of IT mainstream technologies such as PCs and their networks with industrial automation. This led to the acquisition of LP Elektronik by KUKA Roboter in 1996. In 1999, Mr. Munz followed the call of the parent company to Augsburg, where he was initially employed as Senior Developer System Engineering in the series-related pre-development with the planning and further development of robot control technology. With the spread of Industry 4.0. Mr. Munz assumed the role of Lead Architect Industry 4.0 at KUKA AG from 2015 and worked on many Industry 4.0 standardization projects. Since 2019 Mr. Munz has been running his own company “Munz Endeavors GmbH” with various activities such as consulting, investments and automated trading.

Munz Endeavors is active in various companies. On the one hand we offer consulting, workshops, (key note) lectures, moderations, standardization and lobbying work, article creation, etc. on the following topics: Industrial Automation, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Edge, Cloud, Real-time Hypervisor & Control, Ethernet Fieldbus, OPC UA, computer-automated trading algorithms.
On the other hand, Mr. Munz is involved in various companies and start-ups such as acontis technologies,, ForexInnovation as a technology scout, freelancer and business angel.
Finally Munz Endeavors develops and operates computer-automated trading algorithms and also offers the mentioned services in this field. An investment consultation does not take place.

While 5G is on everyone’s lips and the Gartner Hype Cycle Curve for Emerging Technologies 2019 has reached the highest point of “Peak of Inflated Expectations”, another much more mature and affordable technology for industrial automation applications is often overlooked: WiFi. And when it is used and offered as cleverly as R3 with its ECHORING, there is nothing to prevent the use of WiFi for deterministic, highly reliable and wireless real-time communication.


Brehmermechatronics from Wiehl has an excellent product on its agenda, one that fits perfectly with EchoRing and its application fields. We’re excited to present a common concept: uFrame.

Brehmer GmbH & Co. KG develops individual products for industry, while providing its testing lab and production facilities to clients. This multifaceted and customer-oriented company is looking forward to meeting you at SPS.

4. RAFFLE: Prize and Rules

Just to be clear: this is not a joke – we really are holding a raffle lottery and anyone can participate. All you have to do is send us an email with the subject “Raffle SPS” and on November 27 at 4.30pm with a little luck you could be the winner.

What’s there to win?
A voucher for a romantic weekend for two. The destination is up to you!

How do I enter?
Send an e-mail to with the subject line “Raffle SPS” and your contact details (name and e-mail address) to register for the raffle. If you like, give a reason why you deserve this weekend.

What happens next?
On November 27, the winner will be drawn on a livestream at SPS. We’ll announce further information in Part 3 of this trade fair teaser series.

As always, Stay tuned on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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