Fast & Simple Network Setup and Operations

The EchoRing Rollout Kit is everything an application needs for fast and easy deployment of an EchoRing network. It includes a set of standard Ethernet Bridge radio devices and a complete support toolset for successfully integrating EchoRing into a wide range of applications.   

The Rollout Kit contains:

5x EchoRing Ethernet Bridge (EREB) devices

  • Communications modules that easily connect an application to an EchoRing network   
  • Additional nodes can be added to a network as necessary, allowing for easy scaling of operations 

1x Configuration Server

  • A mini-computer hosting a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) designed to configure, analyze and maintain an EchoRing network in a ready-for-production environment 
  • The GUI itself is web-based and is accessed via an HTTP on a connected PC or laptop   

5x Performance Analyzers

  • Devices that connect to the EREBs and simulate application traffic by generating synthetic “dummy” data for performance analysis  
  • They then gather real data for analysis in the Configuration Server once operations begin  
  • Included is a web-based UI that visualizes Packet Loss Rates (number of lost packets per all packets sent) and Delay Profiles (how many packets are received within a specified timespan), indicating whether a network configuration is reliable enough to meet an application’s requirements 

1x Health Monitor

  • A standalone device that monitors signal quality and traffic patterns of a wireless network  
  • Identifies the various datatypes sent between each device and provides guidance on how best to arrange a network’s EREBs to achieve an optimal signal 
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