Linux Engineer – Student

Linux Driver Development | Peripheral Driver Adaptations | English


Have you ever been part of a revolution? R3 Communications with its technology EchoRing is shaking up the wireless communications in the modern-time industry (heard of Industrie 4.0?!).

To help us on our journey, we are looking for an intern/working student to help with our Linux development. Here you will be part of our development team, who will guide you throughout your time with us.

Are you ready for this challenge?


What you can expect

  • Working in a motivated, young and international team
  • Working at a high-tech startup
  • A responsibility profile
  • To contribute actively to the development of new ideas
  • Lots of fun and hard work
  • Flexible working hours and schedule
  • Put into practice what you’ve learnt at university: expand your practical knowledge
  • Meaningful experience


What you’ll do

  • Adapting a hardware platform to optimize for industrial grade performance in latency and jitter requirements


What we expect from you

  • Fluent in English in speaking and writing, basic German skills
  • Basic knowledge in at least one of the following areas: Embedded Linux setup (kernel creation, device tree generation, etc.), Linux driver development, Linux Build systems (e.g. Yocto, Buildroot) and Peripheral driver adaptations (mainly communication protocol related)
  • High involvement
  • Critical thinking
  • To be open-minded
  • A dedication of minimum 10 hours per week

It’s a big plus if you have one of the following:

  • Additional understanding in Computer networks/network protocols, Linux networking stack including mac80211/cfg80211 and Real-time operations systems (RTOS)



What We’re Building

Today, wireless communications are not used in industrial M2M communications, as standard wireless technologies are by far not reliable enough and introduce too much delay. Consequently, expensive, heavy and mostly inflexible cabling is used in use cases such as industrial automation processes, robot communications or critical intra-cabin communications.

Our solution is a wireless communications software protocol called EchoRing™ that runs on a standard radio chip of Texas Instruments. EchoRing™ provides high-robustness and low delay in the communications which perfectly matches the use cases mentioned above. With these characteristics, EchoRing™ is the wireless alternative for the Ethernet-based industrial communications.

Our first product, the EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit allows our customers to verify the technology’s performance in their own facilities. We are currently working jointly with Schleicher Electronics to launch our first series product, the EchoRing™ Radio Board.