Evaluation Package

What can I do with the EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit?

The EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit was designed for you to test the EchoRing™ technology under the real-world conditions of your factory floor. Replacing existing Ethernet-based communication links with the EchoRing™ system is as easy as plugging the RJ45 equipped network cable into the matching outlets of the EchoRing™ Test Nodes. Moreover, you can try different settings and find the best-suited configuration for your environment by using the web-based configuration and measurement tool that is included.

EchoRing™ Test Node


TI Sitara Platform

Wireless Module

TI WiLink™ 8 WL1837MOD

EchoRing™ Mode

Firmware (radio certified)

EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit

EchoRing™ Test Stations

5 stations per kit

Configuration Hardware

Server + Ethernet cables + Switch


Browser-based configuration and measurement system


Power adapters + Power cables + Suitcase

The Evaluation Kit is meant for internal use only and must not be utilized in productive systems. Its usage is bound to 1 million packets per evaluation run. Further measurements require a restart.­


The Evaluation Package includes a 1-day workshop at the client’s site that includes a walk-through of the Evaluation Kit to make the most out of it and to get a deeper understanding of the different use cases in which EchoRing™ can bring unmeasurable value.