Rollout Kit

Rollout Kit allows for a quick evaluation or deployment of a smaller use case. The Kit contains EREB radio devices and complete tool set for a successful set up in even the most challenging implementations.

It contains:
  • 5x EREBs (incl. config host)
  • 5x Performance Analyzers
    • Connects to the EREBs and simulates application traffic by generating synthetic data for performance analysis purposes.
    • Comes with a web-based UI that visualizes Packet Loss Rates (number of lost packets of all packets sent) and Delay Profiles (how many packets that is received within what time), giving instant feedback if communications are reliable enough to meet application requirements.
  • 1x Health Monitor
    • If communications are poor, before reconfiguring EREBs, this stand-alone passive device shows the quality, and traffic patterns, of the wireless channel.
    • It identifies what type of data is sent between which devices and helps optimize network planning giving guidance of how-to re-arranging devices in order to achieve best signal reception.

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