Ad-hoc Networking
EchoRing™ networks are ad-hoc networks that easily adapt to environmental changes and, thus, makes them perfect for AGV scenarios. Moreover, EchoRing™ networks can intercommunicate with each other in a mesh fashion to forward information to management points.
Platoons of AGVs need a high level of coordination in order avoid collisions when performing their tasks. EchoRing™ enables such coordination and with its ad-hoc flexibility it allows AGVs to join or leave the platoon without external management.
Wireless Safety
Safety-related sensor data (e.g. human positioning) detected by or provided to AGVs needs to be reliably and rapidly shared among all vehicles. With EchoRing™, humans will safely operate in AGV crowded spaces.

EchoRing™ in Automated guided vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are about to change the logistics in warehouses and production facilities. From small platoons working independently to groups of platoons interacting, passing through tasks involving interaction with other elements in the facilities (charging stations, operators, etc.), AGVs’ tasks are countless and their added value is unmeasurable. In such a landscape, AGVs are not only going to need high coordination among them and management systems, but also actual real-time sensor data to ensure a safe environment for the humans operating nearby. This coordination and the real-time data exchange can only be achieved with ultra-reliable and low latency wireless communications, where EchoRing™ is the first solution in the market.

Benefits for AGV


EchoRing™ enables real-time decentralised exchange of information in AGVs platoons and permits its coordination.


AGVs using EchoRing™ reduce configuration and response time, with a consequence of higher efficiency.


AGVs can communicate with each other or other devices deployed in the vicinity without the need of a fixed infrastructure.

Total Cost

Running on standard hardware platforms and low maintenance costs makes EchoRing™ the optimal solution for AGV communications.

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