Emergency Stop
Imagine a wireless emergency-stop-button that you can place anywhere and even carry around at the back of your tablet. We provide an EchoRing™ featured stop-button module that guarantees minimum downtime at SIL conformity to be integrated in your remote control or added in a box to your tablet.
Enabling Switches
Many monitoring and maintenance functions can be executed using WiFi networks without any difficulty. For safety related control commands to machine tools or even robots this is not the case. An EchoRing™ featured enabling switch module adds this functionality where you need it.
Augmented Reality
AR adds new sights and insights to your HMI control processes, monitoring, or maintenance tasks. Using EchoRing™ modules, delay can be minimised and the integration of the real and the artificial worlds becomes really smooth.

EchoRing™ enabling HMI

Wherever humans use and control technology, they like to do that without cabling. What we all know from our everyday life – think about television control, telephony, or even rc cars of our kids – is at least as true for or professional life as well. The difference lies in the importance of the tasks and the severity of failures in case the wireless control breaks down. Today, for a lot of monitoring and maintenance tasks wireless devices are already in use.  A favoured platform for that are tablet devices. For safety related tasks, like real-time control of machine tools or even robots, wireless is not yet a real option, as existing wireless communication systems do not fulfil the demanding requirements of safety related communication. With EchoRing this changes completely, that is why reliable Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs) are now possible.

Benefits for HMI


Using one smart device instead of several dedicated wired units adds comfort, flexibility and functionality.

Retro Fit

EchoRing™ fits easily into existing software stacks and installed hardware thanks to standard interfaces.


Wireless HMI increases the flexibility and allows for the optimization of processes (i.e. one interface for everything, flexible operational range).

Total Cost

One wireless HMI can replace several of the expensive cable based and/or fixed-mounted control units.

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