Interconnecting harvesting machines enables more autonomous scenarios than today. With EchoRing™ it is possible to establish a wireless close-loop-control system to realize this scenario.
Extended Sensors
Wireless communications as realized by EchoRing™ allows, for instance, the instantaneous integration of external sensors just-in-time to optimize harvesting processes. This includes aerial drones that track the environment for obstacles.
Seamless Connectivity
Once the platoon is in proximity of the home base while bringing in the harvest, all collected status and monitoring data can be off-loaded wirelessly with EchoRing™ for further processing.


In geographical areas where there is no communication infrastructure, there may be the need for local reliable communication. EchoRing™ provides this service to applications without the need to setup fixed infrastructure, enabling a multitude of machines and vehicles to operate in a highly coordinated manner. This even applies to the integration of aerial drones monitoring the environment for obstacles in the way of operations. While EchoRing™ establishes a reliable communication link in remote areas, it also allows for off-loading of real-time uncritical data to tethered networks when returning to the home base. This may cover maintenance information of the vehicles or status of the harvest. This data can then be processed locally or remotely using cloud services.

Benefits for AGRICULTURE

Operating Cost

Due to platooning features, less man power is needed to control all vehicles. One main control may be sufficient.


Incorporating live data from, e.g., drones during the harvesting process helps mitigating damage of external obstacles and own machines.

Architectural Advantages

EchoRing™ allows for a reduction of cabling especially with regards to moving parts and additional tools. This also applies to retrofit scenarios when extending existing vehicles with new functionality.

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