Mobile Robot Collaboration
Flexible production environments may require mobile robots or even fleets of them to instantaneously coordinate actions or movements with each other in a fast and reliable way. Wireless communication as realized by EchoRing™ is indispensable in such scenarios.
Sensor Integration
EchoRing™ can rapidly decrease integration times of dynamic manufacturing setups, allowing, for instance, the instantaneous integration of external sensors just-in-time to optimize manufacturing processes. This particularly applies to safety-related sensors.
Flexible Tools
Reconfigurability needs of future manufacturing sites mandate industrial robots to be re-equipped with new tools almost constantly. EchoRing™ can drastically ease up and accelerate such reconfiguration processes by cutting installation times for corresponding cabled connections.
Centralized Controls
With the rise in complexity of future manufacturing, scenarios rise also the requirements with respect to the onboard control logic, driving costs of robots. With reliable wireless communication, the control logic can be offloaded from mobile robots and centrally pooled, allowing more efficient control (and coordination of robots) while reducing costs.

EchoRing™ in Robotics

Industrial robots have driven the automation in manufacturing. However, product cycles are more and more decreasing today, potentially even beyond the live time of the equipment. This puts enormous pressure on flexibility and reconfigurability aspects of future industrial robots in such scenarios. Key to the successful realization of such systems is, thus, a fast and reliable communication infrastructure for control and coordination of industrial robots. To fulfill the flexibility requirements, the communication among mobile robots can only be realized wirelessly, making solutions like EchoRing™ the enabling factor for future manufacturing setups.

Benefits for Robotics

Lower Hardware Costs

Significantly lower costs per mobile robot due to less integration, while wireless connectivity allows for centralized (edge cloud) controls.

Less complex installation

High flexibility and fast adaptability without further installation costs in the area of operations.

Facilitated Tools

Flexible, automated tool selection, attached to the robot flange.

Architectural Advantages

Reduction of in-robot cabling especially with regards to moving parts.

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