EchoRing™ fills the gap that existed in wireless technology allowing industrial time-critical applications to go wireless. This exceptional technology adds unmeasurable value to the current industrial revolution: it enables new use cases of the desired future factory plan to exist and makes existing use cases more efficient and flexible. For the first time, the Industry can replace Ethernet cables with a wireless solution that ensures both the safety of humans working around machines and the process efficiency.


The high-performance of EchoRing™ makes it the perfect fit for time-critical applications in industrial automation, especially in the context of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. Robotics, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or Agricultural Machinery are typical use cases that demand flexibility and mobility, which can only be provided by wireless technologies. However, until now, there was no wireless technology that offered real-time and high robustness performance. With, EchoRing™ this challenge is covered and the vision of this industrial revolution can finally be fulfiled.

Packet Error Rate
Link Latency
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EchoRing™ reaches its outstanding latency and robustness performance thanks to two simple concepts: determinism and cooperation. Furthermore, it can coexist with other wireless technologies – without losing performance – because of its novel frequency-hopping technique. As a MAC Layer communications protocol, EchoRing™ is a 100% software solution that is agnostic to the PHY Layer and transparent to upper layer protocols,  such as ProfiNET, PROFISAFE, SafetyNET p or EtherCAT, enabling them to finally go wireless.


Check your UseCase with our Online Simulator

Every application is different. To understand how your application can be enhanced with EchoRing™, just evaluate it. You only need to specify your latency, data rate and robustness requirements alongside the parameters given in the calculator. Then, the calculator immediately computes the maximum number of nodes that will be supported by EchoRing™ with the selected configuration.


The Evaluation Package includes the EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit and1-day workshop at the client’s site is included. The EchoRing™ Evaluation Kit was designed for you to test the EchoRing™ technology under the real-world conditions of your factory floor. Replacing existing Ethernet-based communication links with the EchoRing™ system is as easy as plugging the RJ45 equipped network cable into the matching outlets of the EchoRing™ Test Nodes.

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